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Our new children have been building up their hours at Nursery School this week.  They have been very busy exploring all the different play and learning experiences that "Big Nursery" has to offer.
At the end of the summer term the Nursery School was transformed into a beach.  The children had a fantastic time on the 'beach'; making and serving 'fish and chips'; having 'barbecues'; inventing games with beach balls; exploring a 'rock pool'; experimenting with boats in the water and using pumps to change the water levels; and getting themselves ready for a day at the beach.  As they have played and explored, they have shared and compared their experiences of the seaside and holidays with each other.  
Our older children have been on Forest School Walks - they have had the opportunity to observe the environment really carefully and explore with their different senses.  They have used mirrors to look up into the trees above them, photographed interesting plants and objects and challenged themselves to spot a range of different plants and animals. A big thank you to the parents, grandparents and carers who have helped to accompany our walks.
Children have been painting really carefully this week using fine brushes on small pieces of paper.  They have really paid attention to details and have often challenged themselves to fill the whole piece of paper with different colours.
Our children have got such great imaginations!  A small group of them decided they wanted to pretend to go camping.  They loaded up the car (the sofa in the home corner) with all the things they thought they'd need.  They brushed their teeth (using number rods as toothbrushes).  Finally, they made themselves "beds" in the cosy corner.
The children have been challenging themselves to pedal the heavy chariot bike with a passenger on the back.  They have problem solved together and supported each other to pedal it all the way around the track.  It was really hard work: "That makes my legs tired!" said one of the children.
The children at Nursery School were very busy getting ready for Christmas: making decorations and cards and also observing the Christmas tree very closely before painting a picture of it.
Recently, some of the children at Nursery School explored Priory Park on an autumn walk.  They peered into the trees and wondered who lived there; they listened carefully to the sounds of the leaves as they walked through them; and found all sorts of interesting-shaped leaves.
The wet and windy weather last week provided the children with plenty of learning opportunities: they worked together to clear the bike track of leaves and collected as many different receptacles as they could find to catch the rain drops, experimenting with the different noises that the rain made as it fell into each one.
Removing the top of one of our pumpkins in Forest School needed great teamwork and problem-solving skills!
Our new "loose parts" have inspired so much imaginative play!  Children have explored the range of resources available and used them to build, balance and as part of their play.  They have even "inspected" their constructions to check they're safe.
The children have been picking the beetroot that they have grown in our allotment
For those of you who have been following our caterpillars as they have grown over the last few weeks and changed into chyrsalids, here they are after their transformation into beautiful butterflies just before we released them into the environment last week

Nurture Nursery have planted and cared for lots of plants for the last few months. They are now reaping the first rewards of their effort. Children noticed that the strawberries are now big and red and have been choosing the ripest fruits for snack time. Well done everyone!

The 3 & 4 year old children at Nursery School enjoyed a wide variety of outdoor learning experiences during our Forest School Days .
We have been watching our chicks grow and change.  Some children have observed them really carefully and have had a go at drawing pictures of them.
We've had some interesting visitors at Nursery School - a sheep and her two lambs and some tiny chicks! Children have been able to get up close to them; they've observed how the chicks have being growing and developing; and have devised their own rules for looking at and touching them.
Our garden is looking fantastic in the sunshine!  The children at Nursery School took these photos of their favourite plants and flowers in our garden last week.
Children experimenting with mixing their own paint colours.  They combined colours and learnt how to use a pipette to add water to the powder paints.  They were fascinated by watching the colours change and noticing the different consistencies of the paint they had created.
There was lots of learning going on outdoors at Nursery School  during the lovely weather.  The mud kitchen has been open for business and children have experimented with "cooking" all sorts of things, from "chocolate and grass cakes" to "pizza with cabbage"!
Who knew that so much learning could come from a cardboard box!  Children have experimented with how many of them can fit into one box and with curling their bodies up small to fit; they have explored ways of getting in and out of them; they have talked about size and weight; and even worked together to move around our bike track in a box!
Two of our children had an idea to make a "cinema".  They carefully constructed it using large blocks outside, representing a "screen", a "sign saying what time it's open" and pretending small blocks were "packets of sweets". One of the children then made signs and posted them around the garden to let the other children know it was open!
There's been a great deal of construction going on at Nursery School - from castles to "the biggest bed in the world"! 
The new children challenging themselves to climb on our large outdoor apparatus.
Children independently exploring the learning environment, devising their own games and experiments with resources. 
Christmas activities in Nurture Nursery
Before we decorated our Nursery School Christmas tree, the children have been able to have a go at observing it really carefully and have painted what they can see.
The children in Nursery School have been busy planting winter bedding plants and have created an eco display using old wellington boots.
Physical opportunities in our outdoor area to support children's gross motor skills.  Children have really been persevering to balance and walk on stilts around the garden.
In the Nursery School, children have been experimenting with weaving and threading textiles onto a frame and decided that they had created a  "spider's web".