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What should my child wear to Nurture Nursery?


The simple answer to this question is comfortable old clothes.

Please keep their best clothes safely at home.


The children are encouraged to explore actively, so simple clothes that are easy to move and climb in are a must. They will get elbow deep in paint, water, mud and all kinds of messy play. This is a very healthy part of children’s learning; finding out about the properties of different substances and getting creative. Even learning to wash your hands can become the most soggy event when you are two. We are happy to dry little ones off and change them, so they are comfortable.


Clothes the children can attempt to manage by themselves are very helpful. Track suit bottoms and shoes with velcro fasteners are a great way to get them feeling independent. We are always there to help if needed.


‘Weather appropriate’ - The back door is always open and even though we have a good ‘weather curtain’ to keep us warm, the children are constantly in and out. A few layers we can peel off or put on are a must. Hats and gloves in cold weather and sun hats in hot weather.


On sunny days please put sun cream on your children before coming to nursery.


We have a supply of wellies for water play or if the weather changes during the session. Children are welcome to wear their own wellies to nursery in wet weather (there's no need to send their shoes too as they can slip their boots off for comfort if they want to). Our floors and rugs are all washable.


Please, please do not send children in skinny jeans. These prevent them from moving and climbing easily and gaining independence when using the toilet. Skinny jeans can even be tricky for staff to squeeze children back into when children are being changed.


We have spare clothing of every kind if needed. If your child comes home in any of our spare clothes, please just wash and return to us next time you come.