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We can offer 15 hours free pre-school education for any child residing in Warwickshire from the start of term after their 3rd birthday.

The Nursery School is open school term times only 8.45am - 3.30pm.

We have highly qualified and experienced staff including two teachers.

We are able to offer the 15 hours free entitlement for 3 year old in various options including full days.  From September 2017, we will be offering the 30 hours free entitlement for eligible families- please contact us for details.

Our sessions options are:

  1. 2 full days + 1/2 day
  2. 5 morning sessions
  3. 5 afternoon session


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We offer a paid Lunch Club to extend your child's nursery school session.  See below for further details.

We have a Forest School area at our Nursery School.

Click here to find out more about it.

'Development can only take place when children are actively involved, when they are occupied with a high, non-stop degree of concentration, when they are interested, when they give themselves completely, when they use all their abilities to invent and make new things and when this gives them a high degree of satisfaction and pleasure.'

Ferre Laevers

May 2017

Due to the sunny weather there was a lot of water play outside.  We were thinking of different ways of how to get the water into the second bucket.  One of the children thought about using the guttering and after some trial and error the children built a fantastic canal system to transport the water.  They also found out the water was a great way to make the cars move faster!!  There were a few soggy feet by the end of it but also a great sense of achievement!!


We also had a rainy week during May.  The rain has provided us with lots of opportunities to investigate.  We have been filling buckets, collecting rainwater from our home made guttering system and have been using lots of comparative language such as ‘empty’ and ‘full’.  We have also been making shelters to help keep us dry, we had to work together to make the shelters. 


We have started the summer term  2017 with lots of sunshine and many of the children have been busy working and playing outside. There will be lots of learning opportunities planned for the outdoors over the coming term. Our new Willow Dome will help the children to develop their imaginations, to observe carefully and to talk with one another and develop their language skills. There have already been lots of conversations being held in there between groups of children.

We also have a brand new mud kitchen and this will support children’s physical development and their interest in and understanding of the natural world.

Picture 1

April 2017

We had a Grandparents Gardening Day on Wednesday.  The Grandparents worked very hard, digging and weaving the structure together.  We are very pleased with the end result and we are looking forward to it growing over the next few weeks.

We would like to thank all of the Grandparents that came in to help.


We read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.   There was lots of role-play around and the story with the children serving up portions of porridge (sawdust) for each other!  We used language such as largest, smallest and medium-sized to compare the different sized bowls, spoons, chairs and beds.  We had a group of different sized bears arrive on Monday morning and they enjoyed their week at nursery exploring the different areas. 

Our new children have settled in well and are becoming familiar with nursery routines. We read lots of stories about nursery life and routines and the older children were very kind by showing the new children around and helping them.

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March 2017

We have had a 'Listening Week' at Nursery.  We had stories and talked about how, when and why it is important to listen.  We played lots of listening games and had different musical instruments out to experiment with. 

Outside we have been clearing our allotment.  We have dug and cut back some bushes and talked about what we would like to grow in the next few months.

We learnt about the letter 'V' and thought of lots of different things beginning with this letter.  We had a vegetable shop outside with scales and we enjoyed comparing the weights of real vegetables.  We tried hard to use language such as 'heavier' and 'lighter'.

But the most exciting news from last week was that we have got a new Role-Play shed!  We have had lots of suggestions about where it is going to go and we are very excited about setting it up.

February 2017

It was Pancake week at nursery last week.  We enjoyed making and eating the pancakes.  We learnt about what ingredients we need to make pancakes and how we cook them. 

We have also been learning about growth and families.  We enjoyed lots of stories about babies and toddlers and thought back to when we were babies and what we couldn't do then but could do now.  There were babies in the role-play and we enjoyed taking care of the babies.  We talked about families during group time and who was in our family. 

January 2017

We were learning all about....

Number Recognition, we had numbers EVERYWHERE! In the sand, water, outside, in the Role-Play area, we even had them on our bikes. The children enjoyed number hunting and lots of them were able to recognise new numbers that they had learnt in our environment.

Coats - We have been practising putting our coats on and asking for help. The children practised asking and helping each other to put their coats on.

The Letter W - as the weather is so wintery at the minute we have been learning about the letter W. The children enjoyed writing the letter W in shaving foam and in the sand, they thought of and found lots of different things that began with a w. They enjoyed learning about the wintery weather and we were lucky to have a sprinkling of snow; just enough to play with.