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About being two

About ‘Being Two’


Two year olds are a distinct group...

They truly are a category all of their own, but are often lumped into a broad category known as the Under-Threes. The developmental changes between children who have just passed their second birthday and children who have almost reached their third birthday are enormous.


By two… 

§…children have become mobile explorers who have started to develop their independence.
§…their language skills have not necessarily developed enough for them to make their needs clearly known.
§…most do not yet have the social skills to manage turn-taking, sharing or waiting, so their tempers may erupt quickly.
§…children need more sleep than three year olds, but are much more active learners than babies.


Therefore two year olds need adults…

§who are ‘tuned in’ to their distinct needs.
§who have a good understanding of how young children develop.
§who respond, support and plan for their individual needs.
§who are aware of, and value, their fluctuating emotional and physical needs.


'Our Image of the Child’


Our experience working with children at the age of two to three years has given us a clear picture of a child who is contented and actively learning. There are certain qualities, characteristics and feelings we believe are essential to encourage, that enable very young children, and help forge sound foundations for their future development and learning.

Staff at Nurture Nursery created this list of valuable feelings, qualities and characteristics that we think best describe what we see when a child is happily involved in their play and learning effectively at Nurture Nursery -

'Our Image of the Child’.


Curiosity and delight!

 Optimistic & resilient.

Achieving & progressing.


Becoming an effective communicator.

Being the unique individual they are. 


These are our aims for your children when they come to spend time with us, but our view is only half of the equation.

‘A Shared Understanding’

The very heart of our staff’s role in Nurture Nursery is to form strong relationships with parents as your children make their first gentle steps of independence.


Acting together as a strong partnership in supporting your child’s individual needs, well being, development and learning is a huge benefit to us, but most importantly to your child.

We want to work with you, our parents, and seek your opinions and ideas, telling us what you hope your little one may gain by being at Nurture Nursery.