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What happens during big group time?

Towards the end of the session, we gather together to have some group fun.


This is an opportunity to learn songs, rhymes and actions, explore musical instruments, play games, dance to all kinds of music, learn to listen and understand, follow simple instructions and to practise waiting and taking turns. By the way we really love to dance!


We use books, puppets, soft toys, parachutes, scarves and choice cards to support our play and learning. We also have a little set of fun exercises that the children love, designed by physiotherapists for very young children, to ensure strength in areas vital for healthy physical development.


Younger children are not always developmentally ready to sit still and listen. We encourage, but do not force, children to join us.


All the children are free to move in and out of the group until they are mature enough to take full part in all the activity. Even when playing quietly to one side, they are often very aware of what is taking place and absorbing songs and conversation as they play.


We finish with our 'Goodbye Song' and the children all know that it's time for home. They love being with us, but they also love you coming back.