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Nurture Nursery team

Naomi Langley

Senior Early Years Educator (WNS since 2005) Qualification-NVQ Level 3 Children's care, Learning and development

Likes-Singing, dancing, reading everything and nature

Dislikes-Salad cream

Claim to fame-I met Billy Ocean at a birthday party and he said he liked my name.


Julie Chalmers

Early Years Educator (WNS since 2006) Qualification-NVQ Level 3 Children's Care, Learning and Development

Likes-Chocolate and snowy days

Dislikes-Spiders and worms

Claim to fame-Ian Beale from EastEnders once held the door open for me!


Sarah Best

Early Years Educator (WNS since 2009) Qualification-NNEB (Level 3) 

Likes-laughing, singing, Chinese food and hugs

Dislikes-Bad manners, being cold and bad drivers

Claim to fame-I've been on TV to raise awareness of cancer


Keerthi Prakash

Early Years Educator (WNS since 2013) Qualification-NVQ Level 2 Teaching Assistant

Likes-coffee, cuddles and cakes (in any order)

Dislikes-lizards, lizards, lizards (again works in any order)

Claim to fame-my curly hair


Lisa Male
Early Years Educator Qualification- NVQ Level 2 Children’s Care, Learning and Development
Likes- Going on holidays, painting and learning new things.
Claim to fame-I had a great uncle who was a professional footballer back in his day. Sunderland being one of his teams.