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What does my child need to wear to Nursery School?

Although we do have a simple uniform that you can purchase for your child (a yellow polo shirt and blue sweatshirt with our Warwick Nursery School logo), this is not compulsory.  A lot of parents like the uniform option because children do tend to get messy at Nursery School while they’re having fun playing and learning.  If you don’t choose the uniform option, please send your child in clothing that you don’t mind getting messy!  To support children with using the toilet independently, trousers that are easy to take off and put back on again are best, such as joggers or leggings.  Sturdy shoes or trainers are best for wearing on their feet so that they can run, jump and climb safely, but velcro fastenings are much easier for children to manage independently (and safer) than laces.  Please label your child's clothes with their names.


Our outside area is as important to us as our indoor classrooms and children have free-flow between them throughout most of their session times, so a coat is essential unless it’s a warm day.  On sunny days, please apply sun cream to your child before they come to Nursery School (and leave a named bottle of sun cream with us if they are here all day, so that we can help them reapply it at lunchtime).