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What happens at group times?

Group times are short, planned, adult-led sessions which provide children with a range of playful learning experiences to support emerging skills in mathematics, literacy, music and personal, social and emotional development (PSED). They also help to build confidence, concentration and speaking and listening skills. The groups are led by a familiar adult (usually your child’s keyworker) and remain consistent across the year, enabling children to make a close connection with the others in their group and enhance their sense of belonging. The planned learning at group time is matched closely to the children's learning needs and staff adapt the content and match their language and questions to support or challenge the children as appropriate.

We introduce the children to group times gradually at first, initially just starting with the “hello song” and a story before expanding to slightly longer sessions (around 15 minutes). In our experience they quickly become part of the daily rhythm of Nursery School session and the children really look forward to taking part.