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Staying Safe Online

Want to be able to keep your children safe online?

Visit this Facebook page for plenty of good advice and practical help for parents and their children in Coventry and Warwickshire stay safe online.

Another useful website:

Online Safety for under fives

You should start talking to your child about keeping safe online at an early age. It’s easier to have conversations about online safety little and often, rather than trying to cover everything at once.

  • Set boundaries from the start. It makes it easier than trying to play catch-up at a later stage.
  • Check that websites are suitable before your child visits them. Look for websites that have parental pages that explain how the site works and how they keep your child safe.
  • Ensure your home page is set to a child-friendly website.
  • Talk to friends about what websites their children use.
  • Play games with your child to get them used to being online.
  • Set ‘Safety Mode’ up on YouTube to help filter out explicit content.
  • If you use Google, turn on Google ‘Safe Search’ to filter sexually explicit content from your search results.