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What happens at snack time?

By the middle of the session the children are hungry and thirsty and ready for a little break.


Staff bring the children inside and we sing a “wash your hands” song before moving to the sinks to do just that. The children will be supported where required but are generally very happy to wash their hands.


The children sit in small groups at our tables with an adult to support them.


They choose between milk or water to drink and are offered the choice of fruit and veg available that day.


We encourage the use of an open cup. If children have not done this before we will support them to learn and ensure they get enough to drink. They learn this very quickly as we do not have to worry about protecting carpets and sofas at nursery.


The temptation of food and drink helps young children learn to sit for a while. The children can eat and drink as quickly or slowly as they need. When they are finished, they are encouraged to place their dirty cups and bowls into a washing up bowl to indicate they are ready to head off to play again.


Snack time is a lovely sociable time when we can all sit and talk together as we eat. The children often try new foods when they see other children enjoying munching all kinds of things.