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Admin team

Fiona Bell

Office Administrator (WNS since 2011)

Likes -country walks with my dog, cake, loud music and more cake

Dislikes -Not being able to run fast anymore

Claim to fame -I was Rose Queen at primary school


Dianne Loftus

Toy Library Administrator (WNS since 2020) Qualifications-Computer Science Engineer

Likes-Languages, ballet, art, sustainability, exploring new cultures and cuisines, being organised. 

Dislikes-Heights, spiders, snakes and clutter!

Claim to fame-I once danced in a full production of the Nutcracker Ballet and can dance classical ballet in pointe shoes.


Jo Isherwood 

Marketing Administrator (WNS since 2020) Qualifications-PgDip Business & Personnel Management 

Likes -Natural history, reading, writing, and TV dramas.

Dislikes -Marmite! 

Claim to fame -I had a lovely conversation with Gareth Southgate when he opened a local Burger King just before Euro '96.


Zoe Grant

Business Manager (WNS since 2021) Qualification- ACMA CGMA - CIMA 

Likes- Crafting, DIY, Coffee, Chocolate and Magic!

Dislikes- Spiders and heights

Claim to fame- I have an Olympic medalist in my family