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Admin team

Fiona Bell

Office Administrator (WNS since 2011)

Likes -country walks with my dog, cake, loud music and more cake

Dislikes -Not being able to run fast anymore

Claim to fame -I was Rose Queen at primary school


Ebony Lam

Toy Library Administrator (WNS since 2022) 

Likes- Art, cooking, travelling and exciting adventures

Dislikes- Black coffee, early mornings and cold weather

Claim to fame- I speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English


Harvinder Kaur  

Toy Library Administrator (WNS since 2022) Qualification- AAT Level 3 

Likes- Strawberry milkshake, holidays and baking cakes 

Dislikes- Mushrooms, snakes and beetroot

Claim to fame- My husband has met two prime ministers and was invited to 10 downing street


Amanda McDonnell

Business Manager (WNS since 2022) Qualification- CSBM

Likes- Reading, going for walks, listening to music

Dislikes- Wasps, traffic jams and thunderstorms

Claim to fame- I used to be a professional singer in a band!