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Food for Life Early Years Award

In 2017 we were proud to be awarded the Soil Association Food for Life status. The Food for Life award is centred on four areas of development, which link to the criteria and create an action framework.


The Food for Life Early Years Award demonstrates that our Nursery School is giving our children the best possible start to their food journey, by developing good food habits for life through practical cooking and growing activities and food-based learning.


The award is based on four key areas:

•Food quality (ensuring it meets national nutrition guidelines, is freshly prepared and sustainably sourced).

•Food leadership & food culture (development of a food policy, ensuring that children have a positive dining experience).

•Food education (supporting early learning around food through practical cooking and growing activities).

•Community, partnerships and parental engagement (extending a good food culture beyond the nursery gate by involving parents and carers).


At Nursery School the children regularly take part in cooking activities - why not have a look at our recipes under the home learning section.