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Nurture Nursery

Comments from parents:

'My child has had an absolute blast and has truly blossomed thanks to the incredible support, fun and nurturing.'

'I fully believe that Nurture Nursery is like my child's second home'

'The staff are all so really caring and really take notice of any changes or things my child has done and it is always so nice to get such personal feedback.'

'The Nurture Nursery staff have listened to me as a parent and focused hard on my child as an individual'

'Nurture Nursery is so important, they learn how to care, share, love, be sociable, and gain so much knowledge without even realising they're learning it'

Being Two at Warwick Nursery School

Our Nurture Nursery offers a separate, tailor made play environment for children from 2 to 3 years old.  We provide a gentle calm introduction to your child's first independent experiences. A wide range of activities are provided across our well equipped indoor and outdoor play areas.  The children have free access to the garden, which has a canopied area so that they can enjoy being outside no matter what the weather.  We have a maximum of 16 children in a session, with four very experienced, qualified adults to support their play, learning and care. 

What times are our session?

Sessions are up to 3 hours long and we offer flexible start and finish times.  We recommend a minimum of two sessions a week, and up to five (one per day) is the maximum.

With parents and staff working in partnership, children are introduced very gently, with their individual needs guiding us in their settling in process.

Sessions are:

8.45am-11.45am Monday-Friday

12.30pm-3.30pm Monday-Thursday

Is your child eligible for a free place?

You may be eligible for a free child care place for your 2 year old. Please click here for more details.

The children in Nurture Nursery exploring widely including…sharing books, pretending, matching, working together, going through and under, ice discovery, bird spotting, window painting, stacking, drumming and generally being together. Brilliant!

Christmas activities in Nurture Nursery

The two and three year olds in Nurture Nursery have been finding out all about what Christmas holds in store for them.

  • They have been decorating their own tree… at least300 times!
  • They have taken funny Christmas photos to make surprise cards for their families and taken them to the post box themselves.
  • The children have had a messy time with shaving foam snowmen.
  • We have learned lots of songs like Sleeping Santa and Jingle Bells.
  • Nurture Nursery have been sharing a new Christmas story book ‘Santa’s Wish’ by Warwick author, Sam Langley-Swain. It’s lovely!

Click here for more photos

Nurture Nursery Toy Sleepover

The children in Nurture Nursery took a toy in so that the toy could have a sleepover at Nurture Nursery. The toys had great fun. Please read all about it below.