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How many children and adults are in sessions?

  • The maximum number of children in each session is 16.
  • The required ratio for this age group is 1 adult to 4 children. 
  • All adults hold a current Paediatric First Aid Certificate.


There are at least four experienced adults in every session of 16 children.


Nurture Nursery is made up of three main areas:

The Messy Room, The Big Playroom and The Garden.


One adult is responsible for each of these areas at all times. The fourth staff member moves around with the majority of the children as they play. This person offers extra support to staff and children and is free to deal with any bumps or scrapes. They will also cover an area when an adult has to care for their key children's personal needs or prepare for snack time. Staff rotate area on a regular basis to ensure we work with all the children in all circumstances. The children benefit from the differing styles and experiences that each member of staff brings to Nurture Nursery. 


We work as a team to support the children during any group activities like snack time and song time.


As always in Nurture Nursery, staff are well practised in adapting everything at a moments notice in the best interests and care of the children.