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How will I find out how my child is getting on at Nursery School?

Our staff are always observing individual children’s learning and development and considering how best to support their next steps in their learning.  We record these observations using annotated photographs, which we put together into a “Learning Journal” as a record of your child’s learning and development during their time with us.  These are sent home each half term for you to see and you get to keep it when they leave.

We have regular, scheduled “Parent Conversations” with you, at least termly, so that we can talk together about your child’s learning and development and consider together what their next steps should be and how we can work on them together.

Each week, we produce a Weekly Learning Newsletter, which we post on our app, so that you can see what the children have been doing.  The newsletter includes ideas for supporting learning at home and information about what we’ll be looking at in our learning group times the following week.

We pride ourselves on our positive, supportive relationships with parents and carers.  This starts with a home visit for all new starters, so that children get a chance to meet their Key Person and another member of staff in their own homes where they feel confident and secure.  We’re always available for you to chat with at the start and ends of the days and actively encourage parents to contact us if there is anything concerning them by phone or email.