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What is in the Nurture Nursery environment?

The Nurture Nursery environment has been designed to allow children to have safe access to all resources. This means they are able to play with as little adult interference as possible, giving a real sense of freedom and supporting the healthy development of independence, creativity and confidence.


Indoors we have a messy play area for painting, water and sand play and a wide variety of mark making, messy play and sensory activities. We have a home corner, babies and simple dressing up items, a bird watching area, a very cosy quiet area, open areas for general play with a broad range of resources including small world, construction resources and ‘loose parts’.


Outside in our beautiful garden, all these options are reflected for those who prefer to play in the fresh air. We also provide a slide and climbing frame, a lawned area with a very useful slope, large boards for painting and mark making, a wide range of cars, bikes and rockers. There are canopied sheltered areas and child sized gazebos for quiet play. The garden is well resourced with buckets, spades and everything children need to expand their play and follow out their plans, ideas and explorations.


We do lots of gardening and have watering cans, a water butt that the children love learning to use, along with a wide range of plants for the children that stimulate all the senses.


Each area has a selection of labelled drawers and shelves of resources that the children can choose from, or so they can return to activities they particularly enjoy.


All areas are completely adaptable and change according to the children’s needs and interests, for particular activities, or at different  times of year.


 Every area is safety checked each day.