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Are there any costs?

As a local authority maintained Nursery School, we are a non-profit organisation. We do not charge a deposit, and 15-hour places are free (as are 30-hour places for eligible families).


We only charge for extended hours for Lunch Club or our extended day and Hot Meals (if you choose this option).



  • On full days a 2 course hot meal can be provided at a cost of £3.00, although you can bring a packed lunch instead if you prefer
  • Lunch club can be used to extend a morning session (11.45am to 1.00pm) or afternoon session (11.15am to 12.30pm) at a cost of £7.50 if bringing a packed lunch, or £10.50 to include a cooked meal.
  • Full days can be extended to finish at 3.30pm at a cost of £4.50 per day if all of your 15 or 30 hour entitlement has been used.
  • Paid additional sessions may also be available - please ask for details if interested.